#826- Bay Shore Dr and Washington Ave NW

Project Details
Kitsap County
Bay Shore Drive, Silverdale, WA
Start Date:
Oct 05, 2020
Complete Date:
Oct 31, 2022

Project Info

Job #826, Bay Shore Drive and Washington Ave NW, Roadway and Utility Improvement Project for Kitsap County located in Silverdale, WA.

This contract is a roadway improvement project which provides for the improvement of 1600 feet of Bay Shore Drive, 1150 feet of Washington Avenue and 700 feet of NW Byron Street in Kitsap County, Washington. Project elements include sewer replacement, domestic and reclaimed water system replacement, sewer system rehabilitation, stormwater system replacement, shoring, dewatering, microtunnelling, temporary sewer bypass, cured-in-place piping, surfacing, paving, striping, illumination and other work that may be associated with the project.

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