Our Team

Rick Ceccanti

President & CEO

Rick founded the company in 1977 which has grown from a handful of employees to over 100, generating annual revenue in excess for 35 million. His philosophy and vision has been to provide a quality work environment enabling Ceccanti, Inc. to keep an extremely low turn-over rate. The majority of personnel have been with the company for over a decade guaranteeing personal pride in their workmanship and your project.

Phone: 253-537-2990 ext. 112
Email: rick@ceccantiinc.com

Jon VanderGriend

Vice President/Chief Estimator

Jon attended the Univeristy of Washington and graduated in 1998 with his Engineering Degree. He has been in the industry since then and has great experience in public works and private projects. Jon has been estimating and project managing for Ceccanti, Inc. since 2006.

Phone: 253-537-2990 ext. 137
Email: jon@ceccantiinc.com

Donna Motland

Corporate Secretary/CFO

Donna has been in the industry since 1985 and with Ceccanti, Inc. since 1995. She is responsible for the management and coordination of the accounting and office procedures. Her knowledge of construction accounting provides the company with accurate cost accounting and financial information to allow management and their clients to make strategic business decisions.

Phone: 253-537-2990 ext. 118

Bill Parsons

Operations Manager

Phone: 253-537-2990 ext. 114
Email: billp@ceccantiinc.com

Ed Armijo


Phone: 253-537-2990 ext. 116
Email: ed@ceccantiinc.com

Jake Brockmoller

Project Manager

Phone: 253-537-2990 ext. 120
Email: jake@ceccantiinc.com

Brian DeCapp

Project Manager

Phone: 253-537-2990 ext. 128
Email: brian@ceccantiinc.com

Amy Esparza

Project Manager

Phone: 253-537-2990 ext. 131
Email: amy@ceccantiinc.com

Brandon McDonald

Project Engineer

Phone: 253-537-2990 ext. 131
Email: brandon@ceccantiinc.com

Kristie Rojas

Human Resources/Project Administrator

Phone: 253-537-2990 ext. 125
Email: kristie@ceccantiinc.com

Kelly McCann

Accounts Payable/Administrative Assistant

Phone: 253-537-2990 ext. 117
Email: kelly@ceccantiinc.com

Eddie Hansen

General Superintendent

Phone: 253-377-1437
Email: edh@ceccantiinc.com

Jack Cambell


Phone: 253-377-4983
Email: jack@ceccantiinc.com

Mark Wilhelm


Phone: 253-377-6178
Email: markw@ceccantiinc.com

Mike Armijo


Phone: 253-651-6368
Email: mike@ceccantiinc.com

Mick Cannon


Phone: 253-377-1041
Email: mick@ceccantiinc.com

Mark Envolsen


Phone: 253-377-3126
Email: marke@ceccantiinc.com

Mike Field


Phone: 253-327-4424
Email: mikef@ceccantiinc.com

Bruce Frost

Truck Foreman

Phone: 253-377-2383 Email: bruce@ceccantiinc.com

James Irish


Phone: 253-355-1196
Email: james@ceccantiinc.com

Jeff Oliver


Phone: 253-405-7701
Email: jeff@ceccantiinc.com

Nathan Walker


Phone: 253-355-4403
Email: nathan@ceccantiinc.com

Brad Neil

Equipment Manager/Lead Mechanic

Phone: 253-377-2725
Email: shop@ceccantinc.com

Larry Wolf

Shop Manager

Phone: 253-377-2154
Email: shop@ceccantinc.com