About Us

About Ceccanti Inc.

From owner Rick Ceccanti:

“We started Ceccanti, Inc. in the winter of ‘74/’75 doing side sewers in Gig Harbor, WA as ‘Ceccanti-Franko Construction’. We did the first couple side sewers by hand, then rented a backhoe that we ended up purchasing. In the first couple years we did a lot of side sewers and septic tank/drain fields. Eventually we bought a little dozer to push out foundations for new homes and even took on landscape projects once in a while. One thing led to another and Franko and Ceccanti went their separate ways. Ceccanti stayed in the utilities business while Franko went more into the landscaping business. Ceccanti, Inc. started doing utilities and earthwork for commercial buildings along with housing, eventually moving into mainline sewers and water lines for many different municipalities. Kent Valley and Boeing were both big parts of our utility work thru the ‘80s and ‘90s along with municipal water mains and deep sewer. In the ‘90s Ceccanti started doing more earthwork along with the utilities to become a full service contractor/road builder. As the jobs and work grew so did Ceccanti, adding great people (with 100+ employees today) and new equipment helped make what Ceccanti, Inc. is today.”